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Have I selected the proper end-of-life care options for my loved one or for myself? Let us help you answer that difficult question.

Oftentimes, the decision to receive hospice care is made following the diagnosis of a life-limiting illness. Despite this, some families continue to question this decision. 

Ohio Valley Hospice understands that it is important to thoroughly research the variety of hospice choices in the community before making a decision. Not every hospice is the same, and no one should have to settle for one that does not fit the individual needs of the patient and family.

We are committed to educating patients, families, and the community about end-of-life care and assisting them with care decisions by making ourselves available to discuss your specific situation and the options usable to you. If you find this is not the right time for hospice care, there may be additional resources within in the community, such as home health or in-home aide services available to qualified individuals.

Use the following quiz to help determine if hospice care is right for you, or for a loved one.

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Someone will contact you based on the information you submit in this quiz to discuss your care options. Please feel free to contact us on your own accord if you’re ready for information.