Lisa Hess

Lisa Hess
RN Case Manager

I am a RN-Case Manager for the Cincinnati region. I have worked for Ohio Valley Hospice since September 2020, but have worked with and alongside Hospice services for over 10 years in different positions during my long-term care career. 

My background is in geriatrics with 10+ years working in skilled nursing facilities as a floor nurse, MDS nurse, nursing supervisor, and Director of Nursing. Each advancement I took led me farther away from the reason I decided to become a nurse in the first place – caring for the patients. Once COVID started, my role became more about regulatory compliance and less about patient care so I decided to evaluate other options to feed my passion of caring for patients hands-on.

In my search for new opportunities, I saw an ad for RN-Case Manager for Ohio Valley Hospice and decided that it was the perfect opportunity for me to provide a much-needed service to people in my local area. I had always considered that a hospice role would be the perfect way to finish my career into retirement.

Working with Ohio Valley Hospice has connected me with some of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Being able to provide this service for our patients and families is an honor this team and this company doesn’t take lightly. Being able to provide comfort, support, education, and compassionate listening for everyone we care for is my favorite part of being a case manager. This is by far the most rewarding position I have ever held as a nurse.